The message delivered is not always the one that is received!

Communication plans and strategies should aim to manage the perception of your organization and your brand.
But sometimes if your plan is not aligned the message that is delivered is not always the one that is received. And that is not always the fault of the communicator.

Different people interpret and assimilate information differently based on their level of interest and in particular, to what degree the issue affects them.

You have to keep this in mind when you issue any type of communication whether via online or traditional media. The different messaging and methods that you will utilize to get your message across always requires insight into your target audience.

Do you know who your target audience is? How do you communicate with them now? Do you know what they are interested in? What do they like to read? Do they read? What is the best way to communicate with them? Do they like what you have to offer?

Are you communicating with them in a strategic manner in order to encourage a conversation?

If you are, then what are you saying? And if you are not, what are you saying?

Communication is always evolving just like us because we are communicators. And if we do not adapt to that within our business, we will be left behind.

In the famous words of Seth Godin – “People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.”

We would have to agree.

Thank you for reading


Claire Kivedo

Claire has been in the PR & Events industry for many years and has built great relationships with various suppliers, venues, organizers and stakeholders.

She is a born communicator and organizer and believes that Public Relations was the ideal profession as it suited her personality and her skills.

She is a good listener which enables her to respond effectively to the needs of her clients. She believes that great events do not happen by chance and with the right skills and attitude, anything is possible. She is married with two boys and is a born and bred PE girl.