We know that in this day and age, we have various e-learning platforms available to us. It is so convenient and easily accessible and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Some of it, even for free.

But nothing beats the trusted and effective method of face to face training.


Whether you are already managing a business, starting a clothing line, creating delicious food or taking photographs the benefits of networking with fellow entrepreneurs or creatives cannot be underestimated. It is the bread and butter of any business. This type of interaction cannot be achieved on an online learning platform. You get to share ideas and to connect on a level that might not have been achieved otherwise.


Trying to focus at home or at the office while doing a course online takes ALOT of effort and determination. And we get it right most of the time but to truly engage with your given subject, a classroom setting wins hands down. You can get totally involved and can concentrate without any distractions – no multi-tasking while learning. To have the instructor there to guide you is reassuring and helpful.


Face to face instruction allows the facilitator to assess the students knowledge and to be flexible in the approach to teaching. You cannot get this type of adaptability anywhere else in a  learning environment.


If you need more clarity regarding a particular item, you are free to ask the instructor immediately, unlike other e-learning platforms, where procedures are in place to get answers and it is not always a quick process. Interesting topics and different view points in the classroom setting creates opportunities for friendly debates which broadens the learning experience.

One on one

If you have question, it can be answered and your queries can be resolved. You could even discuss the subject during break time should you  not wish to speak up in front of everyone. This gives you a chance to voice any concerns that you might have.

How you choose to learn is of course always up to you as each one has their own benefits. We do however prefer to meet you, connect with you and to eventually engage with you online.

We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading


Claire Kivedo

Claire Kivedo

Claire has been in the PR & Events industry for many years and has built great relationships with various suppliers, venues, organizers and stakeholders.

She is a born communicator and organizer and believes that Public Relations was the ideal profession as it suited her personality and her skills.

She is a good listener which enables her to respond effectively to the needs of her clients. She believes that great events do not happen by chance and with the right skills and attitude, anything is possible. She is married with two boys and is a born and bred PE girl.