Events are a fantastic way for firms and brands like Coastland Sales to build relationships with their stakeholders.



Coastland Sales – they value their clients and stakeholders

Their open supplier day highlights all the brands and products you can find at their branch in Sidwell. The day is filled with demonstrations of these outstanding products while positively impacting on their reputation and relationships. Add great food, drinks and experienced event organizers and you have a winning event recipe.


Your space might just be the perfect venue for hosting

The Coastland Sales event was hosted at their premises as it created the ideal networking platform to interact with their clients. There is no better place than to showcase what you have than at your premises provided you have the space available. All their products and resources as well as their Port Elizabeth office staff was there to enable you get to connect, share and explore. This event also offered a chance to introduce new products that clients might not have been aware of. We sure look forward to hosting the event again.



The aim of any event should be to create consistency with what you say online as well offline. Events are a chance to integrate your communication efforts and to really engage positively with your target audience.

Strategic event communication is the best part of our job.

Claire Kivedo

Claire Kivedo

Claire has been in the PR & Events industry for many years and has built great relationships with various suppliers, venues, organizers and stakeholders.

She is a born communicator and organizer and believes that Public Relations was the ideal profession as it suited her personality and her skills.

She is a good listener which enables her to respond effectively to the needs of her clients. She believes that great events do not happen by chance and with the right skills and attitude, anything is possible. She is married with two boys and is a born and bred PE girl.